This is a blog about being single and in debt. More formally, I define “independent debt” as:

Having debt while young, unmarried, and without dependents.

The journey and advice found here are my own: it is my record of experiencing my debt (both consumer and student loan) and how I refuse to drown in it. Also, hello! My name is Jenn.


At age 25, I found myself asking “How can I have the life I want without sacrificing my values and with my current (debt) situation?” By age 26, I had developed an excuse:

“The people who can afford to give themselves a life of passion and fulfillment are all a very certain personality type. They are outgoing, social, ambitious, go-getters, and movers. I am not that. I am introverted, quiet, and an observer.”

And I became very angry. Ego and envy took me over and I was about to settle on being angry and resentful for the rest of my life because a life of joy, fulfillment, and passion just wasn’t in the cards for me. I also refused to “fake” a personality that would get me what I want (ego playing its role here). I was brooding until, while journaling, I found myself writing about my debt:

“But, I’m not drowning yet.”

Suddenly, I found myself thinking, “A certain personality type!? This can’t be the case. I REFUSE to believe it. Everyone should be able to live a life they truly want, regardless of if they are extroverts or introverts, loud or quiet, life of the party or socially awkward. The one thing they all must have in common, though, is to want it.”

Things took shape when I defined what freedom is, after being inspired by Adam Baker (founder of http://www.manvsdebt.com) and his TEDx talk:

On the car ride home from work the very day I saw this video, I decided:

Freedom is a life unrestrained by consumer debt, enabling me to passionately, honestly, and lovingly serve the planet, world, and society.

Insert mindexploded.gif here. That was it. Literally, it was that simple. One sentence and the world was my oyster.

But… A few problems…

Baker spoke of a “script”: graduate, get a secure job, find a mate between there somewhere, have kids, buy things, accumulate, upgrade, etc… and all of my research to begin on a debt-free path started with “My wife and I…”, “My husband and I…”, “My family…”, “We…” What about the “I…”?

live alone. I am unmarried. I don’t have children or dependents (not counting my cat). I don’t have combined income or any true assets (excluding a 2008 Hyundai Elantra that was a graduation gift upon completing my Bachelor’s). What does debt-free living look like for those of us who are single, have made a few mistakes, and do not value marriage as part of our personal script? What about us young’ns recently graduated, working our entry-level office gig 40 hours a week who want to become debt free without sacrificing our values? Anyone? Cue crickets.

And so. I am stepping up. I will make my own research and answer my own questions.


1. Honesty
2. 100% free, both to myself and any reader. All journey and advice entries will remain free to everyone.


Spiritual journey
Physical and mental health
Do everything with love, not fear
Remain independent (live alone)
Fulfill commitment made to Meeka (cat) by adopting her and giving her a forever home.
Make mistakes


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