Back From Vacation, Unexpected Surprises, and Moving Forward!

Wow! I’m finally back from Germany and settling back in. I would go into all the lovely, wonderful details of the vacation, but that isn’t the focus of this blog. The focus of this blog is to get the Hell out of debt! However, one lovely and wonderful detail was a very unexpected surprise that relates to that goal:

For 10 years, I had a bank account opened by my grandmother that was never touched by me nor my parents. She passed away, and somehow this account was overlooked. I went with my mother to the bank to figure out her finances and suddenly the associate turned to me and started discussing my account. I found out I had just over 1,000 euro (1,300 US) just sitting there. I took it out, didn’t spend a dime of it, and when I came back I exchanged it over.

I am most happy to report that I have cleared out my debt to my boyfriend and completely paid off one credit card!

This means my rough $10,000 amount is now down to $7,400! So much happy, so much excite, and it’d be easy to celebrate and go wild! But, that brings us to the next step: the future!

I’m still considering a second, part-time job. I also now am supplementing my income with Fiverr. I have a couple large and/or reoccurring orders through this, but it’s not realistically enough to say it’s a second job. I’m waiting to hear back from the MFA program at the university I work for to begin classes this Fall and, until I do, I can’t make any movement towards a second job (schooling > job). What I can continue to do is snowball my payments on my other debts, and this is what it looks like now:

Debt Amount as of August 11, 2014 Interest Minimum Snowball Total Payment Very Next Step
Paypal – BillMeLater 959.72 19.99% 35 60 95 Under 900
American Eagle – Credit Card 1602.23 48 95 143 Under 1600
Bank of America – Credit Card 4863.52 49 192 241 Under 4850
Total Current Debt 7425.47 132 347
Total Beginning Debt 10,000
Total Current Debt 7425.47
Percentage Debt Free 25.75%

Still working on my budget, as well. It’s a little haphazard because of the trip so, I will be working on that this week and updating here. But, essentially, the lessons learned:

Surprises are nice, but they also make it easy to lose focus. Use that forward momentum to remain charged and motivated to getting out of debt. Don’t lose sight of what’s important or your priorities.


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