The first “YES”

We left off with me asking if I can come up with $10,000 within a year to pay off my consumer debt. Without thinking, I responded to myself with “YES!” and with an enthusiasm I forgot I had. Along with my personal growth journey (more on that to come later), I have learned to give myself permission to do things. On June 25th, 2014, I gave myself permission to get out of debt.

Ack! But HOW!? We already know I only have $200 extra per month without factoring in unexpected expenses. This $200 is all that I have for savings, fun, and to pay off my debt. I’m going to have to get creative:

  1. WORK
    I have a merit raise, based on performance review, and a possible title promotion (read: more hourly income) to take effect by September.
  2. SELL
    I have a bit I could immediately sell: an old engagement ring, an old promise ring, and other odds and ends (books, DVDs, electronics, clothes).
    I have editing/writing/proof reading/design skills that I can market for extra, supplemental income from home.
    1.3 miles from my front door is a FREE shuttle that travels to and from work, dropping me off right infront of my building. There is no excuse to not take it. My city also has a very workable public transit system. There is no excuse to not take it.

As I start to flesh out the details (and I will, I promise!), it is scary. Very real and very sincere lifestyle changes are going to be made, particularly around number 4 and if having a car even makes sense for me right now.


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